Ministry Actions

Strong Man Ministries operates in three major operational spheres: Evangelism, Ministry and Instruction.  Many of our media activities are evangelistic such as the Urban Radio Campaign and in-person as well as online Strong Man Of God Rally.  Reaching the incarcerated concerns us too, which we do through our monthly newsletter sent to NW Men's Prisons and have done in our recently con-cluded Books To USA Prisons Project.  Ministry to males occurs on a need basis.    


Instruction involves all of the various ways the Ministry purposely seeks to teach males about being strong men of God in the image of Jesus Christ!  This includes teaching in-person and virtual courses through the Strong Man Institute as well as Strong Man Academy for youth in sports settings and hosting this Web site.  


Restoring Men In The Word!

As part of the outreach and instructional work to restore men, Rev. Robert Kelley has written a book drawn from the Bible available on this Web site entitled, The Strong Man Of God: Back To Basics.


Our Parent Organization

Open Door Communication Ministries, Inc. (ODCM) is the parent organization of Strong Man Ministries.  It was founded in Fort Worth, TX August 12, 1985 by Rev. Robert Kelley.  It is a federal, tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation (I.D.# 75-2052400) that was refiled for and granted in 2000. The Ministry had moved to Portland, OR in 1997 when Rev. Kelley was sent there by the Lord to pastor a local church. Learn about the overall purpose, objectives, mission, vision and other works of service using various media the Lord has given the organization at  View the Ministry's Doctrinal Statement at the link below.



 Doctrinal Statement.pdf